About Us

FlexManager is a HSEQ compliance solution that offers over 80 distinct processes within a single product. Our software functions as a real-time business performance expert, assisting in strategic decision-making and fostering a safer culture for clients.

Founded in 2011, FlexManager owes its beginnings to a single desk in a start-up hub in the West of Ireland. Today, we have expanded to offices in both Ireland and Canada, with partners utilising our services across multiple continents.

Our journey is anchored in three powerful words: ‘compliance, governance, and analytics’ (CGA), which inspired the creation of CGA Technology. In 2023, CGA Technology rebranded to FlexManager, emphasising our commitment to ‘Change the Way You Work.’ This five-word ethos has driven us for over a decade and continues to guide our innovation and application of solutions.

Our comprehensive platform, real-time integration, and expert support team make us an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to optimize their operations while ensuring 24/7 compliance. We work across a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, facilities, fire service, and governance, to name just a few.

Take the leap forward with FlexManager and unlock your organisation’s full potential.

Or, in other words, ‘Change the Way You Work’.