Use a System That Helps you With The Audits, Inspections and Maintenance of Safety Equipment

Be Audit-Ready 

The Offaly Fire Service found a need for a system which helped them perform their tasks daily, especially their audits, inspections and maintenances of their safety equipment and which stores all their information with regards historical actions and training records to ensure compliance.

FlexManager facilitated the move from paper-based inspection checks, audits and maintenances as it was deemed essential for the better management of their work processes and to continue to meet the safety standards. The scheduling of tasks, assignment of assets, completion of auditing processes and generating of reports upon completion as well as the ability to see all of these on a station by station basis. 


  • 24/7 compliance
  • Training records required 
  • Move from paper records


  • Processes streamlined 
  • Digitised records and data 
  • Safety standards set

“Flex has provided us with the ability to effortlessly manage and maintain all of our assets. The variety of modules available and utilised by Offaly Fire & Rescue Service ensures that we can readily demonstrate that we meet our health and safety obligations. Equally important was the ease with which Flex was embraced by our firefighters, in-house maintenance personnel, and our external maintenance providers, to ensure a smooth transition to a digital system.”

Clive Duke, SAFCO Offaly Fire Services 

The Offaly Fire Services provide firefighting and rescue services, community fire safety, technical fire prevention services, major emergency planning. The headquarters is located Tullamore Fire Station in Co. Offaly where the highest standard of safety standard is paramount, and compliance is key. 

Benefits of FlexManager

Transparency & Accountability

Greater transparency and accountability for equipment, as there is a assignment of equipment to a specific station/person. There is NFC Tags on assets that allows users to load a comprehensive history on each asset.

Move To Digital 

FlexManager provided an easy transition from paper-based systems to streamlined digital inspection/maintenance procedures. This gave the team an accessible and comprehensive asset history in one location

Create A Culture of Compliance

FlexManager allowed for a sizable decrease in untraced maintenance tasks and allowed for customisable scheduled notifications for upcoming inspections.


The collaborative nature of FlexManager allows for the efficient input of data which ensures that organisations can demonstrate that they are meeting their health and safety obligations. 

Reduced Depreciation On Assets

FlexManager allows for the efficient management of all assets, ensuring quality and safety standards are maintained.