Core & Insight Solutions

Use real-time data to streamline operations and increase company efficiency with an easy method of measuring performances.

Optimize workflows with the aim to improve employee productivity and overall engagement.

What we offer

Increase Overall Efficiency

Factory workers and production process

Establish achievable objectives that can be tracked and adapted based on effectiveness and productivity.

Create Informed Business Strategies

Efficiency of the team is efficiency of the business

Guide your team using data-driven decision-making based on custom analytics.

Configurable Custom KPI's

Business meeting in a boardroom

Build your dashboard to display the relevant information based on perimeters set exclusively by you. 

Core Modules


Gain a clear operational oversight of activities.

& Notifications

Send alerts and notifications as events happen.


Communicate your targets for success in a visual display.


A centralised filing system for all your company documents.


An accumulation of all data filtered to the requests of the receiver.

& Analytics

View the data collected from the modules on your system.
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How can we help?

For more information on how FlexManager’s Core & Insight solutions can assist your company to reach its various objectives, contact a member of our professional and knowledgeable support team to schedule a demo.