Key Features


Configure ticket categories based on your own internal structures.


Pre-set due dates based on priority.

Rolling Workflows

Set up workflows to refer tickets to relevant parties.


Trigger event notifications when there is an update in status.


Communicate through a comments section, upload files & photos.

Powerful Intergration

Integrate with a number of FlexManager's Key modules.

Supported Files

Upload a number of supported files to share with interested parties.

Time Management

Auto track time logged against each ticket.


Generate in-depth analytics based on data captured through the Helpdesk.

What can FlexManager do for you?

Warehouse inspector communicating with workers during a meeting at lumber compartment.
Communicate to Employees, Clients, and Contractors while building key metrics.
Businessman In Cubicle Wearing Headset Talking To Caller In Busy Customer Services Centre
Ensure adequate oversight of each ticket submitted to your Helpdesk.