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CGA Technology undertook the task of opening the Flex solution to iOS compatibility in 2016. We knew this would be a mammoth task to recreate all 19 applciations (Now 22) for the iOS platform.

We are delighted to announce that the first installments in the form of Flex Connect and Flex Audits will now be supported in the iOS platform from the 22nd of April.

We would like to thank our beta clients for their help and feedback and look forward to continuing the development as we make further iOS applications available within the coming releases.

The next project is well underway and we are aiming to release the Flex Asset Manager application before the next system release.

Flex Connect:

Flex Connect is the application which manages the transfer of data between the system and device. This application is designed to run in the background and ensure that the data flow is being managed correctly. It is the reason we are able to work offline and transmit data while still remaining efficient with battery and data use.

Flex Audits:

This application links the device to the audit module of the Flex system. Create and complete predefined audits while on the move and have all your corrective actions assigned prior to submission. The audit module itself has in depth features such as:

  • 9 question styles
  • Signature capture
  • Risk Rating
  • Image Capture
  • Image Editing
  • GPS
  • Time and Date
  • Corrective Action Links
  • Pre Completion Upload
  • Location based variances
  • Prompts
  • Automated PDF’s
  • KPI’s and reporting
  • Notifications & Alerts

As always your feedback is valuable to us and you can leave it through the following methods:

Bugs, queries = support@cgatechnology.com

suggestions = suggestions@cgatechnology.com

With thanks & regards,


George Curley

Chief Executive Officer
If you encounter any issues please contact support@cgatechnology.com

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