FlexManager Launches in Canada: A Revolutionary Solution for Health and Safety in the Construction Industry

FlexManager will be officially launching its first Canadian branch on May 10th 2023.

FlexManager will be building on its long-term success since 2011 in Canada, including receiving ‘Canadian Occupational Safety’s 5-Star OHS Technology and Software Provider 2022’. The health and safety focused software achieved its award-winning status through the pivotal role it has played in the growth of major companies such as Green Infrastructure Partners (GIP), North American Construction (NAC), and MEMME Infrastructure.

Flexmanager Canada’s innovative solutions and professional support will provide the Canadian construction industry with the ability to maintain hazard assessments, incident reporting, safety inspections, and training management in an easy-to-navigate, single location. This has assisted companies to manage safety risks and streamline safety management processes.

The ethos surrounding the software is to provide an entire suite of tools that prioritizes the safety of each and every worker, making sure that they return to their homes each night. Through this, FlexManager’s software has helped companies ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, including reaching COR 2020 accreditation, ISO 45001, 9001, and 14001 certifications, in addition to gaining recognition in the Supporting Ontario’s Safe Employers (SOSE) program.

FlexManager Canada aims to take its decade of experience working with these prestigious and successful companies and expand into what is one of the fastest-growing construction industries in the world. The construction industry in Canada is vast, and the importance of health and safety cannot be overstated. The industry has been consistently growing over the years, and in 2019, it contributed CAD 138 billion to Canada’s GDP.

However, with growth comes increased risk, and Canada’s construction industry has one of the highest rates of workplace injuries and fatalities in the country. Health and safety software is crucial in ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, identifying hazards, and mitigating risks.

FlexManager Canada’s launch is at a time when the importance of technology in the construction industry cannot be understated. The global construction technology market size is expected to reach CAD 22.89 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 11.7%. Furthermore, with increasing regulatory requirements and a growing awareness of the benefits of technology, the demand for health and safety software will continue to rise in the future.

FlexManager’s expansion into the Canadian market will first and foremost be to improve upon the award-winning service we currently provide our Canadian customers in addition to building new meaningful relationships. The new branch will be led by a team of experienced professionals with a deep understanding of the Canadian health and safety landscape, as well as the needs and challenges faced by construction companies operating in the country.

To gain a better understanding of how FlexManager can help your company to develop its health and safety standards while improving on its operational excellence, why not drop by at our ‘Open House’ event on May 10th. The event will be a great opportunity to meet the team and learn what FlexManager Canada’s proven software can offer you.

To find out more about the launch event, click attend on our LinkedIn event.

See you there!

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