Health & Safety Solutions

FlexManager has a comprehensive set of modules designed to improve your operations safety compliance.

Our award-winning software has the ability to greatly improve your company’s ability to achieve globally recognised ISO certification

What we offer

Reduce Financial

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Prevent all forms of financial liability relating to health and safety by taking effective measures and tracking the progression of company compliance. 

Improve Regulatory Compliance

Promote an ongoing process of complying with health and safety standards established by regulatory bodies.

ISO Certification

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Reach the globally recognised ISO certification with meticulous documentation focused around health and safety.

Core Modules


Standardise and improve data consistency for the evaluation of your business’ performance through a predetermined checklist.


Reduce administrative time and ensure compliancy by ensuring Inductions are completed by visitors, contractors and employees prior to their arrival on site.


Build a predetermined investigation for every incident type which may occur to standardise procedures and investigations.

Policies & Procedures

Track safety statements, standard operating procedures, policies and any other documentation that may require acknowledgements or signoffs.


Track and manage all injuries occupational, or not, to ensure all data for health claims or injuries is clear.

Emergency Evacuation

A real–time process with connections to your Fire Alarm, sending live notifications about the evacuation and an up-to-date monitoring of persons onsite to identify dangers.


Reinforce safety principles and promote a positive safety culture through regular short meetings to focus on high- risk scenarios and inform workers of any changes.

to Work

Permits ensure that work is done safely and efficiently, allowing employees or contractors to request permits, delivered and reviewed.

Observation Reports

Report and manage all Safety Observations submitted by Employees, Sub-Contractors and Visitors.


Promote a Safety Culture by bringing awareness and prioritising possible risks that may occur throughout your site.
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How can we help?

For more information on how FlexManager’s Health & Safety solutions can improve your company’s compliance objectives, contact a member of our professional and knowledgeable support team to schedule a demo.