Tailgate Talks

Key Features

Topic Library

Categorise your completed courses for easy retrieval.

Signature Capture

Capture Presenter Signature.

NFC Attendance

Mark Employees as Attending through NFC Cards.

Document Upload

Upload reference documents relating to that Talk.


Plan ahead and schedule talks for future dates.

Notifications & Alerts

Set Notifications to remind you of upcoming talks.

Scheduled Reports & Analytics

Generate detailed reports on topics covered and those attended.

Calendar Overview

Get a full calendar overview of upcoming talks.

What can FlexManager do for you?

Two engineer and architect discussing blueprints data working and digital tablet on construction
The Tailgate Talks module has made it simple and efficient for supervisors to record data straight from the field with ease.
Three construction workers talking in construction site
FlexManager has the capability of recording the information you need, whether you are hosting a scheduled talk or holding an impromptu session on the field.
Use NFC Technology through the app or clock in cards to mark attendance - no need for paperwork or signatures.
Businesswoman working with tablet computer and writing something in her schedule .
Calendar overviews, a powerful search function and a topic library with custom categorisation makes retrieving any historic record efficient.

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