Instructor and apprentices at train in railway engineering facility. Factory indusrty Business.

Training Manager

Key Features


Ensure regulatory and company standards are upheld with comprehensive oversight.


Apply mandatory training for specific user groups and employees.


Choose whether to administer training via online or on-site.


Design auto-generated, branded and configurable certificates for all courses.


Employee training information stored securely in an easy to access system.


Notifications of expiring training records.


Detailed insights on employee training status.


Streamline scheduling for courses.


Cost Management and budgeting analytics.


In-depth training reports and matrix's for an overview of employee/ subcontractor qualifications.

What can FlexManager do for you?

Schedule on smartphone
Set up training courses for your company using an easy and efficient scheduling system.
Caucasian cargo container with blue collar and safety protection uniform use barcode scaner
Once employee training is set to expire, you will receive notifications in due course allowing ample time to schedule for re-certification.
Reading notification
Customisable and branded certificates will be auto-generated and sent to employees on successful completion of their coursework.
Close up on mobile phone screen with charts and graphs data
Generate reports, statistics, dashboards, and in-depth training metrics making all information easily retrievable whenever you need it.

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