Receptionist directing visitor

Visitor Management

Key Features


Register new visitors through the company kiosk or via an easily accessed online link.


Ensure visitor compliance with company policy and procedures through a bespoke assessment.

Access Cards

Issue temporary ID swipe-cards allowing visitors pre-ordained access to specific locations.


Send all relevant information to incoming visitors through email with a link verifying their compliance with regulations.


Complete rundown of on-site visitors using real-time data and insights.


Customise your system to display the most recent information on visitor activity.

What can FlexManager do for you?

partial view of african american businessman using laptop with gdpr illustration in car
Provides 100% GPDR compliant process to ensure the security of visitors personal information, easily accessed data by only those with permissions.
Business lounge zone with one visitor in it
Maintain your company’s high health and safety compliance standards by issuing visitors with applicable policies and procedures.
At construction site
Maintain regulations across multiple sites using controlled alerts and real-time notifications.
Back view of a doctor attending to a woman patient through a video call with the laptop at home.
Plan ahead and send required orientations/ training to visitors before they arrive on site.

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