Sneak Peek into 2020’s Development Plans

If you don’t move forward, sooner or later you begin to move backward.” M. Gorbachev Business never stagnates and this is an imperative motivation for us at CGA Technology. Through feedback an ongoing work with our clients we have been working diligently to prepare Flex Manager for the next wave of radical evolution which will optimize efficiency to our users. The below features and innovations are designed to increase the usability, flexibility, and performance of your system thereby increasing its value to your company and becoming the dominant contender in workplace compliance and business solutions. If you are curious and you can’t wait for next year to get a look at what’s new, contact support@cgatechnology.com Language Translation

Remove the barriers of communication. This feature allows companies to select their languages from Google translation services and then tweak phrasing as required to directly suit that version of the system translation. The first stage of this development is the online system with the mobile application updates coming later in 2020. CGA has invested heavily in bringing this functionality to fruition to better enable companies to use their system.

New Analytics Module

Instead of relying on high-end consultancy firms to make big decisions for your organization, why not let your own data lead you. Data comes through faster, allowing you to make the most important business decisions. Data gained from looking closely at your work processes and identifying where the organization is performing best or what needs improvement. 

CGA Technology through its Flex system wants to empower your data, and this is why we are rebuilding the analytics module in 2020. Currently, we have dashboards and analytics available on each module on Flex but in order to add greater value, we feel it is necessary to enable you to customize them further. The main goal with the development of our analytics module is to empower the end-user, as they know exactly what they are looking for; be it customizable filters, specific features or exact time frames. These analyses will aim to encourage high-level engagement through the visualization of work processes, the identification of trends and the initializing of continuous improvement.

Improve User Interface

Change is imperative. Sometimes, it is necessary to make an organizational change in order to advance. Otherwise, technology will advance without you. 2020 will see an improvement in Flex system navigation, as we know that with our 150 modules on one system, it can be overwhelming. The look and feel of the platform and the mobile apps will be changing in line with the previous navigation study made by CGA Technology’s Flex development team.

  Development of Time and Attendance Kiosk System

In addition to streamlining the general customer experience, the user will be able to accomplish multiple tasks in a single multi-function, which provides highly efficient user experience and customer satisfaction. Flex kiosk devices will be a core component of the expansion of our time and attendance module and these devices can restrict access control for your organization or allow the monitoring of how many people are on-site and who they are, thus, increasing security and safety measures.

Newly Developed Meeting Module

Meetings represent an important activity on our day to day basis. This is the main reason why the CGA team has decided to develop a tool to simplify this process. Meetings will soon be scheduled tracked and assigned through Flex and like many other aspects of the system, it will help in building a digital comprehensive history of these activities.

Optimization of Notifications

CGA Technology’s developers are currently restructuring the system notifications module on Flex. The aim is to reduce the number of notifications while still ensuring that Flex delivers the notifications you require for your organization. We intend to deliver an automated, customizable, summarized notification event that will detail, and allow you to plan for, your upcoming personalized Flex activities.

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