FlexManager Super Admin Training

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What is it?

Flex Manager are offering a 4 day in-depth training course on all key areas of the Flex Manager system. This course provides a comprehensive breakdown of both the setup and use of Flex Manager’s wide range of solutions.

Do I Need it?

If you are currently an Admin-level user on Flex manager, this course will help you unlock the full potential of your system by: ⦁ Increasing your knowledge and understanding of the Flex solutions already in use by your organization.
⦁ Providing an exploration of the many other solutions available.
⦁ Giving you the confidence to set up, configure and trouble-shoot any process on FlexManager.

What Does it Cost?

The cost of this course works out at €650 per person (discounts available for multiple bookings). For more details on pricing, please get in touch with your Flex account manager.

Course Overview

The Flex Manager Super Admin Training course is designed with admin-level users in mind. The primary focus will be on high-level management of setup, settings, schedules, permissions etc. We will also offer practical advice, tips, and tricks for improving the general functionality of your system.

The course will be delivered over 4 weeks, with one training day per week, hosted in small training groups at our offices in Galway City.

Our training team are vastly experienced and knowledgeable in the use and implementation of the FlexManager system. They will guide you through the 4 days of this course, ensuring that you gain the highest levels of knowledge and insight.

Learning Outcomes

⦁ Utilise our award-winning software to its maximum potential

⦁ Gain a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of all FlexManager solutions

⦁ Give you the confidence to set up and configure any action or process required on FlexManager

⦁ Provide a fresh perspective on how FlexManager can be utilized within your organization

⦁ Allow you to efficiently resolve any queries raised from your colleagues and help them improve their own proficiency in FlexManager