Emergency Evacuation

Key Features


Create a ‘Supervisor Group’ to lead all fire safety activities.


Establish multiple meeting points based on your own site specifications.


Use NFC enabled ID cards to identify people and mark them as safe.

Accessible Triggers

Start an evacuation through the web system, a kiosk, or a mobile phone device.

Follow Up

Learn through experience and initiate new procedures.

What can FlexManager do for you?

Record follow-up tasks as the evacuation is taking place allowing for procedures to be continuously improved.
Engineer or technician work checking Fire suppression system and fire equipment.
Trigger an evacuation from various sources to provide complete mobility in the case of an emergency.
Use NFC tags to mark personnel as accounted for, allowing for complete visibility over employee safety.
Successful business team with hands up
Access head counts through the app - don't waste time printing in an evacuation.

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