Building a Safer New Year: 12 Safety Tips for 2024

Welcome to the New Year, where safety takes centre stage in Canada’s bustling construction industry. As we embark on fresh projects and challenges, let’s dive into some eye-opening statistics that highlight the importance of keeping safety at the forefront.

Did you know that over 40,000 construction workers are injured every year in Canada due to falls? Or that 40% of female Canadian construction workers have reported injuries due to ill-fitting PPE.

Almost 20 percent of workplace fatalities were caused by falls from heights, while a large number of injuries are also caused by the misuse and mismanagement of machinery.

Many of these incidents are preventable with the right measures put in place according to FlexManager expert, Peter Mullins.

“Being audit-compliant is essential. However, it’s also important to recognise why those audits were put in place in the first place – to keep you and your staff safe. FlexManager is your ideal partner in achieving this goal,” he said.

Alongside implementing FlexManager, there are several other steps you and your construction company can take towards a safer 2024. Here are just a few tips…

  1. Review and Update Safety Protocols:
    • Start the year by reviewing and updating your safety protocols and procedures. Ensure that all workers are familiar with the latest safety guidelines.

Relevant FlexManager Modules: Policies and Procedures

  1. Training and Orientation:
    • Conduct safety training and orientation sessions for new and existing employees. Emphasise the importance of following safety protocols and staying vigilant on the job site.

Relevant FlexManager Modules: Training Manager – Orientations – Employee Onboarding

  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    • Reinforce the use of proper PPE such as hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, and steel-toed boots. Make sure that all workers have access to and consistently use the necessary and correctly sized protective gear.

Relevant FlexManager Modules: Stock Management

  1. Equipment Inspection:
    • Conduct thorough inspections of all construction equipment and machinery. Check for any signs of wear and tear and ensure that equipment is in proper working condition before use.

Relevant FlexManager Modules: Asset Inspections – Asset Maintenance – Asset Register

  1. Fall Protection:
    • Reevaluate fall protection measures, especially for tasks performed at heights. Ensure that guardrails, safety nets, and personal fall arrest systems are in place and properly functioning.

Relevant FlexManager Modules: Risk Register – Job Risk Management

  1. Emergency Procedures:
    • Review and update emergency procedures with all workers. Make sure everyone is aware of the location of first aid kits, fire extinguishers, emergency exits, and assembly points.

Relevant FlexManager Modules: Emergency Evacuation – Location Manager

  1. Tool Safety:
    • Emphasise proper tool handling and storage. Keep tools in good condition and ensure that workers are using the right tools for the job. Implement a system for regular tool inspections.

Relevant FlexManager Modules: Asset Inspections – Training Manager

  1. Communication:
    • Strengthen communication channels on the job site. Encourage open dialogue between workers and management regarding safety concerns. Establish a clear reporting system for near misses or potential hazards.

Relevant FlexManager Modules: Task Manager – Communications Module – Incident Reporting

  1. Weather Preparedness:
    • As the weather can affect construction sites, especially during winter, ensure that workers are prepared for adverse conditions. Provide appropriate clothing and equipment to protect against cold weather, rain, or extreme heat.

Relevant FlexManager Modules: Job Risk Management – Urgent Alerts – Action Management

  1. Health and Wellness:
    • Promote a culture of health and wellness. Encourage regular breaks, hydration, and proper nutrition. Address fatigue as it can contribute to accidents on the job.

Relevant FlexManager Modules: Employee Audit

  1. Regular Safety Meetings:
    • Schedule regular safety meetings to discuss any emerging safety concerns, share best practices, and reinforce the importance of a safety-first mindset.

Relevant FlexManager Modules: Toolbox Talks – Meetings Module

  1. Documentation and Reporting:
    • Emphasise the importance of documenting safety inspections, incidents, and near misses. Use this information to continually improve safety practices on the construction site.

Relevant FlexManager Modules: Document Control – Document Library – Safety Details (Contractor Manager)

Remember, safety should be an ongoing priority, and regular assessments and adjustments to your safety program will contribute to a safer and more productive 2024.

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