The FlexManager Team Answers Your Questions

We recently did a video series where members of the FlexManager team bravely stepped in front of the camera and answered your best questions about our esteemed software.

Amongst the discussion topics was the centralised software system itself, as well as the implementation and customer service process.

Below are some of the most interesting answers.

How Does FlexManager help organisations comply with safety regulations?

Peter Mullins – Sales & Marketing Director

FlexManager is built around the ISO regulations (14001, 9001, 27001 and 45001) so it has already an in-built plan to review workflow. Thus, as you go through each workflow, it audit-trails everything to ensure that any regulatory compliance is adhered to.

How does FlexManager utilise NFC tagging?

Shane Walsh – Sales Executive

In the FlexManager world, we have three level of tagging assets: NFC tagging, barcodes and QR codes.

NFC is the most efficient and streamlined so you’re not wasting time looking for serial codes. What we do with the NFC tags is you can pull up the system on your mobile phone or tablet and you simply scan the NFC tag and it will automatically bring up the asset profile. From there you can carry out any actions that are due – any inspections, or maintenances – and the same applies for inventory checks, where you want to count how many items are on an asset. You simply scan each item and it will automatically count what’s missing and what’s there.

How does the Training Manager module ensure compliance with both regulatory requirements and company standards?

Maeve O’Shaugnessy, Brand & Sales Executive

From a regulatory perspective, you can view all training certifications for all employees within the system at the touch of a button. From a company-wide perspective, it keeps track of everyone within the system who has an expired or expiring training certificate. This is particularly important where training is mandatory for a particular role within a company. The system also tracks costs and hours of training courses, which is fundamental when designing a training budget for a company.

Provide an overview of the FlexManager implementation process?

Georgina Groarke, Implementation Specialist

We’ll guide you through the entire implementation process, from the beginning of the data migration to the setting up of the unique requirements for your company. Our team will make sure that the platform is configured to meet your unique requirements. And we’ll provide the training to ensure that you and your users are using your platform effectively.

As an account manager, how do you adapt to the unique business needs and objectives of each client?

Brandon Walsh, Account Manager

As account managers, we adapt to each of our client’s unique business needs and objectives by conducting assessments of their requirements, assessing their system preferences and goals. This allows us to customise our strategies and solutions to align perfectly with their specific objectives, ensuring maximum value and success when utilising FlexManager.

How can FlexManager’s FlexPert training directly impact an organisation’s efficiency?

Dan Meehan, FlexManager Training Specialist

By equipping people with the tools they need to become expert level users on their own systems, this can allow them to unlock the full potential of Flex Manager and then apply this to the day to day running of their organisation.

The more knowledge and confidence learners gain through our training, the more they can use this to manage their people, equipment, training, safety and more. Essentially allowing you to oversee every aspect of your business, all in one place.

Describe typical technical report procedure when they receive a ticket? 

Mike Joyce, Support Lead

When tickets come in, they are initially assessed to determine the potential issue and the impact it has on the end user. As Support Lead my main concern is to ensure the end user can still go about their workday and all of their duties can be carried out.

A priority level of low, medium or high is assigned based on the impact and severity of the issue allowing the tickets to be actioned accordingly.

How does FlexManager ensure minimal disruptions during the transition period when implementing its platform?

Director of Customer Success, Gary Cunningham

We at FlexManager work closely with our clients to expedited the implementation process by ensuring that thew data gathering and data migration stages of the implementation go as quickly and as seamlessly as possible.  Once the data is migrated, we rely on our implementation and training team to get our client’s system admins up-to-speed with the usability of FlexManager.  

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