HR & Workforce Solutions

With the use FlexManager your company can easily and effectively manage all of its Human Resource related processes.

With FlexManager’s Workforce solutions, organisations can reduce the resources required to rapidly scale up.

What we offer

Complete Contractor Management

Contractor Remodeling Job

Utilise an effective communication platform to guarantee maximised scheduling. Designate tasks based on previous knowledge of contracted employees.

Improve Employee Standards

Connected employees are current employees

Encouraging continual communication and providing a means to evaluate results allows your company to concentrate on operational excellence.

Reduce Administrative Resources

Modernise Human Resource activities with the use of a fully configurable software system.

Workforce Modules

Contractor Manager

Manage all aspects of your suppliers from automated notifications of expiring documents, training, reviews, employees, online inductions, hours, tasks and more from a single location.


Rapid creation and deployment of training content to all relevant stakeholders in your organisation.

Employee Audits

Capture multiple employee centric audits or assessments to cater for processes such as DSE Assessments and more.

Employee Profile

Access an employee's information from one easily accessible yet secure location.

Lone Worker

Capture a notified ‘check-in’ at specified intervals. If a lone worker misses this ‘check-in’ the supervisor will be notified with the employee GPS and contact information.

Performance Review

An easy-to-use evaluation process.

Task Manager

Ensure your team is working together to effectively execute tasks and capture data through in-depth analytics.

Time & Attendance

Monitor employee clock in times and have complete overview of scheduling and rosters.

Time-Off Manager

Allow employees to log requests and link with the Attendance module to ensure all rosters are correct.

Training Manager

Manage employee training records by streamlining scheduling and receive in-depth metrics to ensure your team are compliant.

Visitor Management

Capture visitor’s attendance on-site and display them on simple dashboards.

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How can we help?

For more information on how FlexManager’s Hr & Workforce solutions can improve your company’s productivity, contact a member of our professional and knowledgeable support team to schedule a demo.