Introducing FlexManager 6.13 – Streamline Your Operations and Reach Excellence

We are delighted to announce the official launch of our latest software update, FlexManager 6.13!  

This new iteration of FlexManager represents our most advanced and streamlined version yet, offering enhanced features and improved functionalities to empower your organisation. 

At FlexManager, we understand the importance of efficiency and excellence in today’s fast-paced business environment. That’s why our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to refine our system, ensuring that your company and employees can focus on their primary operations, adding value to each member of staff in the process. 

We are committed to providing you with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate FlexManager easily and efficiently.  

To kickstart your journey with FlexManager 6.13, we are excited to announce two Free Webinars. Presented by a member of our professional support team, these webinars will cover all the new features and upgrades included in FlexManager 6.13. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn and have your questions answered. 

Here are the webinar details: 

Webinar 1: June 9th, 4pm 

Webinar 2: June 14th, 2pm 

During these webinars, we will address any questions you may have regarding the software update. For more in-depth queries, we recommend generating support tickets and following our typical procedure for prompt assistance. 

To register for one of our informative webinars, simply click on the respective links above. We encourage you to reserve your spot as soon as possible to ensure availability. 

We take immense pride in the launch of FlexManager 6.13 and hope that you and your team share in our excitement.  

For a comprehensive understanding of the exact details included in this software update, we have prepared a list of Release Notes, which can be provided on request. 

If you have any inquiries or require further information about our updated software, our friendly support team is ready to assist you. They are available for 14 hours a day, ensuring that our customers receive the highest standard of service in line with their office hours. 

Make sure to get the latest information on our software to continue to maximise FlexManager’s entire product suite potential. 

To stay up to date with the latest news and information on FlexManager 6.13 and discover how our award-winning software can help your organisation reach its intended level of excellence, follow us on LinkedIn

For a deeper understanding of our wide range of unique modules, we invite you to explore our FlexManager website. 

We are excited about the possibilities that FlexManager 6.13 brings to your organisation. Upgrade today and unlock the potential of streamlined operations and enhanced productivity. 

FlexManager is here to support your journey towards success. 

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